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How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Mattress? - Mattress Mars Millenia Crossing (Next to IKEA)

How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Mattress?

Sure, you have spent hours looking for the perfect mattress and eventually found it, but what about the foundation? Honestly, which foundation you choose largely impacts the longevity and feel of your bed, and not to forget, your beauty sleep. So, if you are in the whirlwind of selecting the right foundation for your mattress, we are here to help you navigate through it!

Understanding The Mattress Foundation

The mattress foundation, as the name suggests, is the support system that holds up the mattress. Commonly, a box spring is used, but slatted frames and platforms beds are some other popular options. In addition to supporting the mattress, the foundation also raises the bed’s height and protect it from the external components to enhance the lifespan!

The Types Of Mattress Foundation

There is a variety of foundations available in the market, and they work with a specific type of mattress. For this reason, it’s important to understand the type of foundation and see which can be used with your mattress (unless you are buying a new mattress, of course).

Box Spring

This is a sturdy platform that’s made of metal or a wooden framework that’s covered in the material. The traditional ones were designed with springs within the framework, but the new designs don’t have springs, resulting in higher portability and lightweight design. These can be used with a platform base (wood or metal) or on their own.

  • Metal Bed Frames - These frames are sufficient to keep the box spring properly placed and improve the height. Some of them are also adjustable to align with the bed size.
  • Metal Platform Base – These bases are great for supporting and raising the mattress while delivering ultimate storage under the bed. Truth be told, it required assembly, but it’s convenient to move around.

Slatted Bed Foundation

These foundations are designed with metal or wooden frames with metal and wood planks. They have spaced slats placed all across the frame. These foundations offer sufficient storage under the bed. In addition, it optimizes the airflow and can be used with the majority of types of mattresses (memory foam mattresses aren’t recommended, though).

Bunkie Board

These are the metal or wood pieces (typically, plywood is used) for adding support under the mattress. It’s a suitable choice for heavier mattresses that need a stronger foundation. Not to forget, it’s a great way of adding support for bunk beds.

Solid Platform Bed

This is the sturdiest and most durable bed frame. The best thing about a solid platform bed is the aesthetics (aren’t they important?). Candidly saying, solid platform beds are more expensive and can restrict the airflow. That being said, it’s a suitable choice for hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses to deliver more support.

Adjustable Bed Frame

As the name suggests, adjustable bed frames allow users to adjust the elevation and angle of the bed at different positions with the help of remote control (fascinating, right?). It’s a perfect choice for people who struggle with joint pains, back pain, snoring, acid reflux, and sleep apnea since it improves blood circulation. However, it can dent the bank account, so buy when you want to treat yourself!

What’s Your Budget?

The mattress foundations cost anything ranging from $100 to $2000, depending on your preferences. For instance, the adjustable bed frames are more luxurious and will cost thousands of dollars – yup, it costs more than the mattress. However, the regular yet decent foundations can be purchased for over $500 (you might even find something in $100, but that won’t be a durable choice).

Focus On Longevity & Durability

Materials are one of the most critical consideration points. That’s because the material used for constructing the foundation directly impacts longevity and durability. Also, it can influence the support it provides to the mattress. In simpler words, don’t buy the $99 worth of foundation and have it falling apart after a few weeks.


If you purchase the mattress foundation online, it’s apparent that you’ve to take out the jigsaw puzzle skills to assemble them. So, if you are looking for a convenient assembly, you must pay attention to the shipping method and determine the type of assembly required (it’s all written in the description, so read!).


The majority of foundations are designed with bed skirts and other bedding materials, while some are accentuated with appealing bed frames that add aesthetics to your space. For this reason, you must ensure that the foundation’s design matches your room’s aesthetics and it fits in the room.


We hope this guide is enough to let you choose the right foundation for your business. However, if you are still confused, hit the mattress shop and see what they recommend (this information might help). Just remember, choosing the right foundation is as important as choosing the mattress, so be wary!


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