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Bedtime with Charli & Dixie x Simmons - Mattress Mars Millenia Crossing (Next to IKEA)

Bedtime with Charli & Dixie x Simmons

Do you find yourself awake in the middle of the night doing nothing in particular? Even worse, do you then find yourself waking up totally exhausted because of it?

Sounds like you need to up your sleep routine game.


Why Have A Bedtime Routine?


Bedtime routines are important. Why? Because sleep is important. Your body subconsciously learns to take cues from your environment and the activities you’re participating in. So, the more consistent your sleep routine, the more your brain picks up on that and starts firing off the right sleep chemicals you need to have a good night’s rest.

Not only is sleep good for your own sanity, but it’s great for your overall health, too. When you sleep enough, your immune system gets stronger, you focus on tasks more easily, and your body rapidly heals from the stressors you experienced earlier that day.

Without a consistent routine, you’re looking at an irregular sleep cycle. Trust me, you do not want that, and we don’t want that for you, either. 


Bedtime Routine Ideas For Adults


So let’s find a sleeping routine that works for you. Routines for adults and children can be similar, but not always.

Here are some suggestions for creating a normal sleeping routine as an adult.

Don’t eat too late - First, evening snacking often leads to weight gain, which can lead to sleep problems down the road, like sleep apnea. Second, late-night snacking often leads to heartburn, which can negatively affect the quality of your sleep.

Time your drinking - Plenty of people like to have a glass of wine before bed. No shame here. You do you. But, although alcohol can make you feel sleepy, it can also wake you up in the middle of the night if you don’t time it right. If you want to learn more about alcohol and sleep, check out this article we wrote on it.

Brush your teeth - Brushing your teeth is an important part of good oral hygiene, but that clean-mouth feeling helps complete a ritual that signals to the rest of your body that it’s time to relax and wind down.

Take a shower - Did you know that your body temperature drops a little when you sleep? And did you know that when you get warmed up from a nice, hot shower, your body is forced to cool down afterward? An evening shower is an awesome way to trigger sleep.

Avoid screens - Looking at a screen fires off the same electrical signals that your body uses to work. This means your brain literally can’t tell whether you’re scrolling through Instagram or writing a work email. So looking at that screen will just keep you wired because it puts your brain in work mode instead of sleep mode.


Bedtime Routine Ideas For Kids


If you have kids, especially young ones, you know that bedtime can be a chore for both the kids and parents. So here are some tips to make bedtime easier.

Set timers - Timers are objective third parties. It’s easier to set a timer and let it be the bad guy that says it’s time to go to bed. Trust us, there will be fewer arguments.

Create a calm environment - Kids get riled up pretty easily. Soft lighting and calm voices will help set the tone for bedtime.

Eliminate distractions - Toys are fun to play with during the day, but they’re a distraction at night. Use cleans up time to help them calm down and put away the nightly distractions themselves.


A Great Mattress Needs To Be Part Of Your Bedtime Routine

Whether you’re looking to help put a young kid to bed or you’re trying to catch some Zzzzs yourself, Simmons is here to help. We’ve got your back (literally) if you need to upgrade your mattress for some extra comfort and some quality sleep.


Jeans, Arm, Azure, Comfort, Blue, Textile, Happy, Font, Knee, Aqua

Designed by Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, turn your bedroom into a creator's studio. This medium feel memory foam mattress has everything you need to sketch, plot, create and record - with a supportive base layer and a motion isolation layer to make sure NO ONE disturbs your dreams. Plus, a unique pattern co-designed by Charli & Dixie. So get creative. Why? Just for fun-ZZZ's of course!!

Dream like Charli & Dixie
Designed to support your creativity – with every feature curated by superstars Charli & Dixie D'Amelio.

The Perfect Foundation
We’ve got your back. This mattress comes equipped with a supportive base layer of foam that relieves tension and stress while you make big things happen. 

Cannot Disturb
Motion isolation layer specially designed to protect you from anyone or anything disrupting your precious shut eye.

Comfy All Day, Every Day
2 inches of gel memory foam that contours to your body, so you can rule the world from your bed – all day, every day.

Good Vibes
Comes with a soft comfy cover designed to inspire creativity. Talk about cute comfort goals!

Dimensions: 74.5" × 37" × 10"
Weight: 60 lb


As TikTok expands, brands from Dunkin' to Aerie are working on attracting the app's growing user base. And now, the mattress company Simmons is partnering with two of the platform's biggest stars: Charli and Dixie D'Amelio.

The sisters announced a partnership with Simmons on Monday. 

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, who have 113 million and 51 million followers on TikTok, respectively, are pictured on Simmons' home page standing in front of a mattress with a jaunty turquoise-and-white print "designed by Charli & Dixie D'Amelio for creators like you." The press release says that the D'Amelio sisters chose the mattress cover. 

"Our beds are the new offices for our generation," Charli D'Amelio said in a press release. The product page for the mattress echoes the sentiment, with language mimicking the slang popular on TikTok: a motion isolation layer on the mattress is described as "no wakey wakey."  

The Charli & Dixie x Simmons memory foam mattress starts at $399 for a twin-sized mattress and goes up to $699 for a king size. Simmons says that the mattress features gel memory foam and leans slightly plusher than firm. The mattress is subject to Simmons' usual shipping terms — it comes in a box and has a 100-night trial period.  


For more information about Charli & Dixie Memory Foam Mattress Click Here 




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