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Mattress Sizes & Dimensions

Our mattress size guide outlines the different sizes of beds and their dimensions to help you find the bed size that will serve your bedroom needs best.

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions Chart

Mattress Size Dimensions in
Dimensions in
California King 72" X 84" 183cm X 213.5cm
King 76" X 80" 193cm X 203.5cm
Queen 60" X 80" 152.5cm X 203.5cm
Full 54" X 75" 134.5cm X 190.5cm
Twin XL 39" X 80" 96.5cm X 203.5cm
Twin 39" X 75" 96.5cm X 190.5cm
Crib 27" X 52" 68.5cm X 132cm


What mattress size is right for you?

Choosing what size mattress to buy isn’t easy, especially considering the array of choices available. Mattress size is an individual preference, but understanding specific dimensions and your own expectations will help you narrow down the bed size that will serve your needs best. When you’re considering which bed size to buy, some factors to consider include whether or not you sleep with a spouse or partner, if children and pets share your bed, whether you’re on the taller or shorter side and how large your bedroom is. Record bedroom dimensions before you shop to give yourself an idea of the space you have, and do some research so you’ll feel confident when you’re ready to buy.

Mattress By Size

California King Mattress Size

Approximately 72” X 84”

California king-size mattresses take approximately four inches of width from a conventional king-size bed and add it to their overall length. If your feet have always hung off the edge of a mattress, a Cal king bed will provide you with the length you need while still having more width than a queen-size bed.

Best for
Taller sleepers, especially those over six feet, who need a longer mattress to sleep comfortably. With slightly narrower dimensions, a Cal king mattress size is best for certain rooms where a wider king-size mattress may not fit.

King Mattress Size

Approximately 76” X 80”

Offering a luxurious amount of space, king mattress sizes give couples the equivalent of a twin XL mattress size to themselves. King-size beds sit atop two twin box springs pushed together to make maneuvering an entire king bed into a room much easier. King-size mattresses are wider but shorter than California king-size mattresses.

Best for
Couples or single sleepers who don’t want to compromise on sleeping area, especially if they share bed with large pets or young children and find a queen-size mattress lacking in space. Most master bedrooms can accommodate a king-size bed.

Queen Mattress Size

Approximately 60" X 80"

Queen bed size dimensions are the most popular because they are perhaps the most versatile bed size. Queen mattresses give sleepers enough space to sleep comfortably while still fitting in smaller bedrooms.

Best for
Adult couples or single sleepers who are looking for a mattress size they won't outgrow but that is not as tall or wide as a king bed.

Full Mattress Size

Approximately 54" X 75"

Full-size mattresses provide a good compromise between twin and queen-size mattresses. A full bed size offers a good amount of space for single sleepers and is a good bed size option for a guest bedroom.

Best for
Teens who have outgrown their childhood beds and individuals who have smaller apartments looking for an economical price and size.

Twin XL Mattress Size

Approximately 39" X 80"

As the standard bed size for college dorm rooms, a twin XL mattress gives students room to stretch out but doesn't offer any more width than a conventional twin-size mattress. Although this mattress is easy to move around, adults prefer a larger bed size once circumstances allow.

Best for
Taller kids and students living in college dorms.

Twin Mattress Size

39" X 75"

Twin mattresses, also known as single mattresses, are slim in size, which makes them easy to fit side by side in shared kids bedrooms or stacked as bunk beds. Twin beds are the size most kids sleep on through childhood and are easy to move around.

Best for
Solo sleepers from toddlers and teens to adults who are shorter than six feet.
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