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Beded features

Discover the Perfect Comfort Level with Our Comprehensive Mattress Shopping Guide.

Continue your journey of discovering the perfect mattress by exploring different comfort levels and other important features to keep in mind before making a purchase. Keep on reading to learn more!


The sensation of comfort is determined by the level of firmness or plushness that your mattress provides. All three types of mattresses offer a wide range of comfort levels. Explore our selection of mattresses with different firmness options to find the perfect level of comfort for a restful night's sleep.

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  • Ultra plush
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  • Firm
  • Extra firm
Ultra plush mattresses have extra layers to help cradle your body, and they’re made for you to sink into.
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Features to consider

Mattress Mars evaluates all mattresses based on a defined set of objective criteria known as features. This approach provides a factual and informative assessment of each mattress, enabling you to identify the one that best suits your specific needs.



Proper support from a mattress can alleviate common sleep issues such as stiffness and chronic back pain. By distributing your weight evenly across the mattress and maintaining proper joint and spine alignment, you can achieve a more comfortable sleep. Choosing the right support level based on your sleeping position is vital. Mattress types come in various support levels, with firm support being suitable for back and stomach sleepers, while side and combination sleepers require soft to medium support.



Are you someone who occasionally experiences discomfort from overheating while sleeping? If so, a mattress equipped with cooling technology might be worth considering. These mattresses are constructed using specialized components and materials that facilitate a cool and comfortable night's rest. Look for features like a gel cooling memory foam, or gel-infused memory foam to maximize your cooling experience.

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief

Proper pressure relief is essential for alleviating aches, minimizing tossing and turning, and promoting better blood circulation. By effectively reducing pressure points and conforming to your body, it ensures a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Exploring different mattress options in person allows you to find the ideal level of pressure relief that suits your individual needs.

Motion Separation

Motion Separation

The purpose of motion separation is to isolate movement, which helps to minimize the disturbance caused by your partner's tossing and turning. This allows you to move freely through your sleep cycles without interruption. Motion separation is particularly beneficial for couples with different sleep schedules or preferences. Foam mattresses are known for their excellent motion separation capabilities.



A mattress's durability is determined by the quality and construction of its constituent parts, such as foams and textiles. Opting for top-notch components increases the likelihood that your mattress will maintain its comfort over time.

Adjustable Base Compatible

Enhance your sleep experience with an adjustable base that enables you to tailor your position, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and relieving pressure on your lower back and hips. Furthermore, it can aid in reducing snoring and sleep apnea, enhancing digestion, and reducing swelling.


When considering purchasing mattresses and bedding, it is crucial to prioritize hypoallergenic options. These products can significantly enhance the quality of your sleep by reducing congestion, sneezing, itching, as well as alleviating breathing issues such as asthma and allergies.

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