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Discover the Perfect Bed for your sleep style with Our Comprehensive Mattress Shopping Guide.

Discover the Perfect Bed for your sleep style with Our Comprehensive Mattress Shopping Guide.

When buying a mattress, it's important to consider your usual sleeping positions and any potential issues that could disrupt a peaceful night's sleep. Keep on reading to learn more!

Sleep position

Understanding your sleep position is key in finding the perfect mattress. Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination of all three?

Side Sleeper
If you sleep on your side, ensure your spine, neck, and hips are aligned and supported to avoid discomfort. Choose a plush to medium comfort for less pressure on shoulders and hips.
Here are our recommendations for side sleeper:
  • Memory foam & hybrid
  • Medium to plush comfort
  • Medium support
Back Sleeper
Sleeping on your back is highly recommended for achieving optimal head, neck, & back alignment. However, people with sleep apnea, acid reflux, or snoring issues may face difficulties breathing properly in this position as it causes narrowing of the airway.
Here are our recommendations for back sleepers:
  • All mattress types
  • Medium to firm comfort
  • Medium to firm support
Stomach Sleeper
For stomach sleepers, the best choice is a firmer mattress as it provides optimal support and comfort. This type of mattress reduces strain on the back and neck and ensures proper alignment of the spine. Avoid mattresses that cause excessive sinking and select one with the right level of firmness.
Here are our recommendations for stomach sleepers:
  • Innerspring & Hybrid
  • Medium to firm comfort
  • Medium to firm support.
Combo Sleeper
If you frequently change positions while sleeping, it is essential to have a mattress that can cater to your needs. It should offer the right amount of give when you lie on your side, yet also provide adequate support when you are on your stomach.
Here are our recommendations for combo sleepers:
  • Hybrid & innerspringings
  • Medium to plush comfort
  • Medium to firm support

Sleep Disruptors

Discover how finding the perfect mattress can make a world of difference in your ability to attain a restful night's sleep and effectively manage any factors that may hinder it, also known as sleep disruptors. Delve into valuable information regarding common sleep disruptors and gain valuable insights on making the best mattress choice to combat them.

Snoring can range in severity, but its impact on sleep can be significant. Look into using an adjustable base, a new pillow, or another sleep surface to minimize the noise caused by snoring.
Here are our recommendations to relieve snoring
  • Memory Foam and Hybrid
  • Medium to Plush comfort
  • Adjustable Bed
When choosing a mattress as a couple, consider sleep needs and positions. Test mattresses together to find what suits your shared requirements. Opt for a memory foam mattress with superior motion isolation if one partner tends to move a lot during sleep.
Here are our recommendations for bed partners:
  • Foam & Hybrid
  • Medium to Plush comfort
  • King-size mattress, Split adjustable bed
Create an allergy-friendly sleeping environment by carefully selecting the right materials, bed, and accessories to avoid sneezing throughout the night.
Here are our recommendations:
  • Memory Foam and Hybrid
  • Medium to Plush comfort
  • Mattress protector, Pillow Protector
Tossing & Turning
There are numerous causes for tossing and turning, but it often occurs when your comfort needs aren't met. If you sleep on your side, excessively firm mattresses can result in pressure points and restless nights. To address this, consider trying out mattresses with varying comfort levels until you find the perfect match for you.
Here are our recommendations for tossing and turning:
  • Memory Foam and Hybrid
  • Medium to Plush comfort
  • Memory Foam pillows
To achieve a restful sleep, temperature is key. Add cooling sheets and pillows for a cool sleeping experience. Steer clear of non-gel memory foam mattresses, as they can get warm.
Here are our recommendations for a cooler night:
  • Cooling Foam or gel-infused Foam
  • Cooling Hybrid
  • Cooling sheets and pillows
Back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain can seriously disrupt your sleep. However, by selecting the correct mattress and pillow pairing, you can effectively alleviate discomfort and enjoy a restful night's sleep.
Here are our recommendation for pain:
  • All Mattress Types (depends on pain type)
  • Medium to Plush comfort
  • Cooling Technology
Acid Reflux
About 30% of American adults experience sleep disruption due to heartburn or other gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. Gastrointestinal distress caused by eating and drinking is exacerbated when lying down. Optimal sleep position and proper alignment of the body and head can alleviate these symptoms.
Here are our recommendations for acid reflex:
  • Memory Foam and Hybrid
  • Medium to Plush comfort
  • Adjustable Bases
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